Nespresso Trophy Match Race Concluded

The warm waters of New Zealand have been the perfect spot for several sailing events, one of them being the Nespresso youth international match racing. This is a cup that saw about 14 teams contesting between 21st and 24th February.

The event was held in Auckland of New Zealand and the winners were of the yacht squadron of Royal New Zealand. The contest was in keelboats of 7 meters of the Elliot design. The title was won by Nick Egnot-Johnson and his team which comprised of three members. The title was closely fought and four nations were among the final contestants. David Wood as the lone entrant from the USA finished in the tenth position.

The close fight was between the royal squadron team and that of the team that represented the yacht club of Royal Port Nicholson. This team was skippered by Callum Radford and his team which came from Wellington. Egnot was able to get through the semifinals with a score of 3-0 and was left waiting for an opponent. Tom Grimes was the other opponent who had to get to the finals by fighting off the team from RNZYS youth training course. The finals was a close-packed one with right racing, tackling duels and downwind sailing that was of high speed. 

Egnot was proud of the team’s performance and he felt that they put in a lot of effort to take home spoils of the war. However, he was also proud of the fight that Jordan put up which led to a massive fight for the final place. The winners are all motivated and are looking forward to participating in the upcoming Congressional Cup all the way in California in the coming months when the summer season arrives in the temperate lands.

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